ChromoSense Gets NIH Grant for Durable Oxygen Sensor Development

ChromoSense LLC was awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research Grant from the National Institutes of Health for further development of its innovative, durable and cost-effective opto-chemical oxygen probe. This probe promises to provide a unique long-term oxygen level monitoring solution for contaminated soil and groundwater environments. Constant assessment of dissolved oxygen level is an important task during soil and groundwater improvement projects, because oxygen is the most critical factor which affects the efficiency of bioremediation.

ChromoSense LLC is a start-up that develops innovative technologies for environmental sensing and monitoring; this company is a part of technology incubator in Polytechnic Institute of New York University. ChromoSense has developed fiber-optic oxygen sensor prototype, which reliably operated for months of trial period. The dissolved oxygen sensing is based on innovative fiber optical technology that provides reliable readings and significantly reduces the cost of sensors. Thus it makes possible the significant improvement in sensing of dissolved oxygen and provides long term, continuous and distributed monitoring of soil and water dissolved oxygen as a critical parameter of aerobic bioremediation.

ChromoSense LLC is aiming to finalize the working prototype of fiber optic oxygen sensor till May of 2014 and move forward to commercialization and marketing dissolved oxygen monitoring system.