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From increased rates of cancer, to incidents of birth defects, soil and ground water pollution is a serious threat to not only the natural ecosystem but also human health. Today, Environmental Engineers are faced with the daunting task of remediating hundreds of thousands of sites worldwide, costing billions of dollars per year.

While many new advancements in remediation techniques have helped to reduce overall project costs and accelerate efforts, engineers still rely on dated practices and technologies to monitor their efforts. As these operations take up a substantial portion of a project’s budget, advancements in available technologies can have a huge impact on the worldwide effort to combat environmental contamination.

Based on these needs the team at ChromoSense has developed, and is currently testing several products aimed at bridging the gaps in current environmental monitoring technologies. If you share in our vision and want to get involved in advancing the state of environmental remediation practices, or simply have an existing testing or monitoring need, please contact us to see how we may be of service.

Environmental Statistics

World Wide

  • Contaminated Sites = 3 Million+
  • Yearly Remediation Costs = $36 Billion+

United States

  • Contaminated Sites = 350 Thousand+
  • Yearly Remediation Costs = $8 Billion+